Alpine Racing F1 2023 Men's Team Rain Jacket - Black

Brand: Alpine
SKU: 331C58W-005-S


The ARAFI rain jacket is a must-have for every BWT ALPINE F1® Team supporter for the coming season. This thick jacket is specially designed for motorsport and to dress the BWT ALPINE F1® Team. Its elaborate style will allow the wearer to feel like a member of the BWT ALPINE F1® Team. On the inside of the hood, colorful graphic prints offer a different perception of this jacket. The "blue-white-red" detail on the zip will remind fans of the brand's French origins. This jacket seems to be an accessory that will be worn proudly from the beginning to the end of the season, both on the track and on the streets.
Jacket in interlocking fabric with mesh lining. Slim fit. Zipped front opening, graphic print inside the hood, woven cuffs. Omini logo, team and sponsor personalization applied in hot transfer

88% polyester, 12% polyurethane.
Machine washable at 30°C.