GrandPrix Originals USA Men's GrandPrix Sneaker - Monza Indigo

$278.65 $327.44

Monza-Indigo is one of our best sellers – Deep indigo blue with orange contrast stripes. Dark cognac accents the sides of the shoes, with a slightly darker espresso gracing the heel. A color combination that is classic yet stands out. 

* Comes with 2 sets of shoelaces (orange and blue) to suit your mood *

The Grandprix Sneaker is 100% leather, hand-crafted in Italy with scrutinous workmanship in a small factory. It’s designed to be the perfect driving shoe, and the buttery soft and supple leather is comfortable for all-day wear. The casual luxury quality fits in anywhere, but the eye-catching colors and design means you’ll never just blend in. Wear it anywhere – car meets, the track, work, events, or a nice dinner. The pure natural rubber sole provides stability and comfort, with a bottom profile modeled after car tires. Side tabs wrap the highest wear area on the sides for extra protection. A rounded racing-inspired heel gives a perfect grip and allows for precise action on the pedals, whether you use two or three.

Key Features:

  • Men’s
  • 100% leather
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Pure rubber sole
  • All-day comfort
  • Lace up closure