Bentley Motorsports Men's GT3 Spray Jacket

$ 1,893.67 $ 5,302.80
Brand: Bentley
SKU: BL1898-S

A contemporary sports jacket that is both waterproof and breathable. With a modern white mesh lining, Dark Grey side panels, high collar with concealed hood, internal pockets and two zipped pockets on the front. Features Bentley wording, Wings emblem and Continental GT3 and sponsor logos.

- Waterproof and breathable
- White mesh lining
- Dark grey side panels
- High collar and concealed hood
- Internal pockets and 2 zipped pockets on the front with matrix grille zip pullers
- Sleeve adjusting straps
- Bentley wording on the interior lining
- Wings emblem, Continental GT3 and sponsor logo prints
- 100% polyester