Formula 1 Skid Jabroc Key Chain F1
Brazilian Grand Prix
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Formula 1 Skid Jabroc Key Chain F1


Brand Formula 1

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The World's Fastest Keychain?

This skid block was once attached to the underbelly of a Formula One car; racing the circuits of the world at over 200MPH in the 2010 Formula One World Championship!

Skid block, also known as 'legality plank', is the mandatory attachment to the underside of a Formula One car which was introduced in 1994 as a safety improvement; following Ayrton Senna's death. Originally made from beechwood, plank materials now vary by team and incorporate modern composites. The skid block is fitted beneath the central plane of the car and used to restrict the minimum height. Restricting the height of the car is important to prevent taking corners at dangerously high speeds.

Keychain measures 4cmL x 2cmW x 1cmD and comes complete a Certificate of Authenticity which verifies its F1 2010 World Championship heritage.