You’re hosting a holiday party and in walks the guest of honor: a Formula 1 driver! It’s any F1 fan’s dream. But out of the 20 F1 drivers, only one can make it to your holiday gathering. If you had to choose, who would you invite to a holiday dinner party? At CMC Motorsports®, we attempted to answer this tough question and also tossed a few Formula 1 gift ideas in with our top choices, just in case we can’t get the actual athletes to come over… this year.

Daniel Ricciardo

If you told F1 fans you didn’t want the Honey Badger at your dinner party, they’re simply not going to believe you. This exuberant personality has stories to tell, especially with his return to the podium this year (and winning his bet against the Renault team manager for doing so)! I wonder if his Spotify pre-race playlist will get him as pumped for dinner as it does for racing? Keep the champers in the glass at the table, though, Daniel.

Ricciardo entertains F1 fans with a podium “shuey”

Pierre Gasly

F1 fans know that a year ago, Pierre Gasly was struggling. He’d been demoted to AlphaTauri and his career was in tatters. But now he’s got a Monza podium and a win under his belt, fans are asking if he’ll be promoted (again) to the senior Red Bull team. Who wouldn’t want him as a guest just as he’s about to hit the big time?

Plus, AlphaTauri gear is a great Formula 1 gift idea. Their merchandise is more stylish than ever after the team’s rebranding, and with drivers like Gasly, they’re really going places.

Charles Leclerc

Speaking of up-and-coming drivers, all F1 fans are keeping their eyes on Charles Leclerc. It’s not every driver who outscores Sebastian Vettel in their first full F1 season. He may not have the best package this year from Ferrari, but he did sign on to a long-term deal. If you’ve run out of gift ideas for a Formula 1 fan consider inviting Leclerc to your dinner party so everyone can hear about his decision-making process in person.

Max Verstappen

Even if your family isn’t full of F1 fans, they would still enjoy hosting Max Verstappen. The youngest ever Formula 1 driver, points scorer, and race winner is known for speaking his mind, but also, more recently, his maturity. His life experience and athletic excellence with racing in his blood should make him a welcome dinner guest.

Lewis Hamilton, models Jourdan Dunn, Irina Shayk, singer Rita Ora, MMA pro Conor McGregor

Lewis Hamilton

Even if your giftees are the newest F1 fans, you’ll still find numerous Formula 1 gift ideas among Lewis Hamilton’s gear. Not only is he arguably the greatest driver of our time, but he’s also possibly the greatest driver of all time. Plus, his glamorous public life, work in art and music, outspokenness on political issues, and philanthropy make him not just an incredible driver, but a fascinating guest at any party.

Of course, it’s hard not to answer the question “Who would you invite to a dinner party?” by listing every Formula 1 driver. But if we really had to choose, these five would be at the top of our guest list, and their merchandise is certainly at the top of any F1 fan’s wish list.

November 12, 2020 — CMC Motorsports

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