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Thrilling speeds. Complex strategy. Extraordinary competition. These hallmarks of Formula 1 racing have delighted driving fans for decades, and today’s biggest threats on the track continue to up the ante for what driving enthusiasts can expect from one lap to the next.

Who are the most popular F1 drivers of 2023, and how can you tangibly show your support for them? Let’s explore the best F1 drivers of 2023 and the best merch available to support your favorite teams and drivers.

Best F1 Drivers of 2023 Include Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen sprays Champagne on the podium

This driver is a no-brainer for a list of 2023’s most popular F1 drivers, as the season’s first half for him was nothing short of spectacular. Max Verstappen’s highly skilled driving has raised the standard for the sport’s upcoming drivers. He set numerous new records this past year, earning the highest number of wins in one season (19) and the highest number of consecutive wins on the track (10). His other claims to fame include leading the highest number of laps (1,003) and scoring the most points (575).

Pay homage to Verstappen’s blowout 2023 season by sporting the latest Red Bull Racing bucket hats, baseball caps, and t-shirts. Other Red Bull Racing must-haves for fans of one of the best F1 drivers of 2023 include polo shirts, cuff beanies, and hoodies for the kids. The hooded sweatshirts are especially popular for staying cozy and dry with their polyester (known for its strength and moisture-wicking ability) and elastane (known for being stretchy and comfortable).

Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso holding a trophy

No list of the best F1 drivers of 2023 would be complete without Fernando Alonso. He’s one of the most popular F1 drivers after achieving more than 30 wins during his career, which started in 2003. He’s also achieved around 100 podium finishes due to finishing third, second, or first in multiple races, as well as more than 20 pole positions during his career. Pole positions are coveted spots given to drivers who recorded the fastest times during the driver qualifying season, as these positions increase drivers’ chances of finishing first. Martin continues to be celebrated for being consistent and highly skilled on the Formula 1 track.

Notable F1 merchandise options for one of the best F1 drivers of 2023 include vibrant camo baseball caps and even a handy hat carrier. You may also love the team’s lime or green baseball caps, as well as their green bucket hats, t-shirts, sweaters, beanies, vests, jackets, grandstand flags, and umbrellas. An Aston Martin umbrella is an especially eye-catching way to show off the team’s — and your — boss status on those sunny or rainy game days.

Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton waving.

Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes is one of the best F1 drivers of 2023 thanks to his unparalleled driving skill and rising confidence. He’s won seven Formula 1 world championship titles — a record he maintains with Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher, who wrapped up his career in 2012. He’s won the most Grand Prix races than anyone in Formula 2 history.

Looking for a way to pay homage to one of the best F1 drivers of 2023? Consider wearing one of Mercedes’s hard-to-miss baseball hats in hues ranging from black to white, lime green, purple, red, blue, and peach. Other excellent F1 merch options for Mercedes supporters include t-shirts, long-sleeve polo shirts, logo or portrait t-shirts, hoodies, and Lewis Hamilton flags. These flags are perfect for adding Mercedes spirit to your yard, man cave, or office.

McLaren’s Lando Norris

Lando Norris taking a picture with a fan

McLaren’s Lando Norris holds great potential on the Formula 1 track, making him one of the best F1 drivers of 2023. He hasn’t won any F1 championships yet, but after the 2023 season, he had achieved numerous podiums. He continues to receive recognition due to his significant achievements in Formula 1 racing.

Show your McLaren pride with a stunning visor, hoodie, baseball cap, or hoodie. High-quality t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, and jackets are also must-have merchandise for Norris’s faithful fans. Have you always dreamed of owning your own Lando Norris car? A model car honoring this renowned champion can instantly make your dream a reality, allowing you to capture the thrill of the track in your home or business.


Formula 1 Emirates race car

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc

Another one of the best F1 drivers of 2023 is Charles Leclerc, Ferrari’s fearless leader. Leclerc is a force to be reckoned with as a budding driver. Like Norris, he hadn’t won any F1 championships in 2023. However, he has accomplished pole positions and race wins. He was even named the runner-up of the world championship in 2022.

Show Leclerc your support for him and his Ferrari team with a red and black driver and team t-shirt, jersey, and brim hat. Official, licensed Formula 1 polos, button-down shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, and flags can also inspire others around you to join the Leclerc fan club. Get more pumped for your future workouts with a Ferrari gym bag, the perfect accessory for fueling your motivation in the gym with your passion for one of the sport’s most popular F1 drivers.

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