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Abu Dhabi was home to the last Formula 1 race during the Formula 1 2023 season, and the United Arab Emirates capital city didn’t disappoint racing fans all over the world. Serving up speed and thrills on the track, the race was the perfect way to mark the finale of yet another suspense-filled F1 season.

Who took home bragging rights in 2023, and which teams and drivers have the greatest room for improvement in 2024? Let’s explore the Formula 1 final standings for 2023 and what the final 2023 F1 standings mean for the racing landscape in the coming year.

Formula 1 Final Standings: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The last race of F1’s 2023 season had several exciting moments, albeit the race wasn’t as exhilarating as the season finale in 2021. In 2023, Max Verstappen from Red Bull Racing clinched another victory, and Charles Leclerc of the Ferrari racing team came in second. 

According to the Formula 1 final standings, George Russell of the Mercedes team finished third after Sergio Perez of Red Bull received a detrimental five-second racing penalty for triggering a crash with McLaren team driver Lando Norris. The collision occurred when Perez, who was vying for position number two, clipped Norris’s back wheel during turn number five and sent Norris over a curb. Although Perez overtook Norris and finished second, he dropped to fourth place in Formula 1’s final classification due to the penalty. Norris ended up taking fifth place.

The remaining drivers in the Formula 1 top 10 list were Oscar Piastri of the McLaren team (sixth place), Fernando Alonso (who claimed the world championship twice) of Aston Martin (seventh place), Yuki Tsunoda of the AlphaTauri team (eighth place), Lewis Hamilton of the Mercedes team (ninth place), and driver Lance Stroll of Aston Martin (10th place).

Formula 1 Final Standings: Total Drivers’ Points Overall

Unsurprisingly, according to the final 2023 F1 standings, Verstappen beat out all other races for first place in terms of points claimed, while Nyck De Vries was in last place with zero points (more on this later). Let’s take a look at the top drivers for 2023 based on points earned.

  • Max Verstappen of Red Bull – Points: 575
  • Sergio Perez of Red Bull – Points: 285 
  • Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes – Points: 234
  • Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin – Points: 206
  • Charles Leclerc of Ferrari – Points: 206
  • Lando Norris of McLaren – Points: 205
  • Carlos Sainz of Ferrari – Points: 200
  • George Russell of Mercedes – Points: 175
  • Oscar Piastri of McLaren – Points: 97
  • Lance Stroll of Aston Martin – Points: 74
  • Pierre Gasly of Alpine – Points: 62
  • Esteban Ocon of Alpine – Points: 58
  • Alexander Albon of Williams – Points: 27
  • Yuki Tsunoda of AlphaTauri – Points: 17
  • Valtteri Bottas of Alfa Romeo – Points: 10
  • Nico Hulkenberg of Haas – Points: 9
  • Daniel Ricciardo of AlphaTauri – Points: 6
  • Zhou Guanyu of Alfa Romeo – Points: 6
  • Kevin Magnussen of Haas – Points: 3
  • Liam Lawson of Alpha Tauri – Points: 2
  • Logan Sargeant of Williams – Points: 1
  • Nyck De Vries of AlphaTauri – Points: 0

More on Formula 1 Final Driver Standings

According to the final 2023 F1 standings, after De Vries of AlphaTauri had an unsatisfactory early season, he was dismissed from the team and replaced with driver Daniel Ricciardo. However, Ricciardo suffered a hand injury in the Dutch race, so Liam Lawson had to come to his rescue and managed to secure multiple points. Neither of these three races completed an entire campaign.

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Formula 1 Final Constructor Standings

The Formula 1 constructor final standings show which Formula 1 teams earned the most points in their races. The constructors’ championship belongs to the team that claims the number-one spot at the season’s conclusion. Red Bull claimed this championship during the September 2023 Japan Grand Prix. Here’s a rundown on the constructor standings:

  • Red Bull – Points: 860
  • Mercedes – Points: 409 (one point more than the previous year)
  • Ferrari – Points: 406 (one point less than the previous year)
  • McLaren – Points: 302 (one point more than the previous year)
  • Aston Martin – Points: 280 (two points more than the previous year)
  • Alpine – Points: 120 (two points less than the previous year)
  • Williams – Points: 28 (three points more than the previous year)
  • AlphaTauri – Points: 25 (one point more than the previous year)
  • Alfa Romeo – Points: 16 (three points less than the previous year)
  • Haas – Points: 12 (two points less than the previous year)

Aston Martin’s fifth-place standing, according to the Formula 1 constructor final standings, may come as a surprise considering the team began the season in the F1 top two. McLaren showed up in the higher rankings late in the season, and time will tell if they’ll be able to maintain this traction in 2024. Williams Racing ended up as the top gainer, shooting up three spots in the Formula 1 constructor final standings compared with 2023. Alfa Romeo, which will part ways with F1 after 2023, was the top loser, moving down three spots.

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