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Why Is The F1 Average Speed Faster For Some Cars?

Why Is The F1 Average Speed Faster For Some Cars?

Speed in Formula 1 is a relative comparison. You can go just as fast as you were the prior weekend, but if other teams are lapping faster, you are now, relatively, slower. There are also a few key things that affect Formula One speed that every team must consider to get the fastest car they can, but it really all comes down to money.
August 04, 2020 — by Jared Nichols
How to Watch Formula 1 Racing Events and Not Be Entirely Lost

How to Watch Formula 1 Racing Events and Not Be Entirely Lost

Perhaps you’re curious about the globe-trotting Formula 1 event circus and want to check out a race. Or you’ve heard about Lewis Hamilton and would like to see why he’s so amazing. Awesome - you’re in the right place to learn how to watch formula 1 racing, and hopefully your first race won’t be your last.
July 28, 2020 — by Jared Nichols
CMC Motorsports official Merchandise partner Porsche Motorsporttner  Moutul Petite Le Mans

CMC Motorsports® Pop-up Shop at the Motul Petite Le Mans

CMC Motorsports® will have a pop-up store at the Motul Petite Le Mans October 9th-12th. For the past 20+ years, Motul Petite Le Mans has been THE sporting event in the southeast to experience. With four days' worth of on-track battles, culminating in the 10-hour IMSA WeatherTech Championship finale showdown on Saturday, October 12th, the action is nonstop.

Where: Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, Georgia.

When:  October 9th-12th


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