For those cooler seasons, you can’t go wrong with our Mercedes Benz EQ Formula varsity jackets and hooded sweatshirts. These Nyck De Vries F1 merch options will keep you feeling warm and add sizzle to your style whether you’re trackside on race day or running errands around town in between.

Our Mercedes Benz polo shirts and classy t-shirts will also allow you to comfortably and stylishly show off this outstanding team and Formula 1 in general wherever you go. No matter the season, we’ve got every De Vries and Mercedes Benz fan covered!


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1. Why choose a Nyck De Vries F1 bucket hat?

A De Vries bucket hat stands out with its alluring blue and black colorway. In addition, the crown of the bucket is in camo, adding another dimension of style to the hat. The hat also comes with a sturdy 360 visor, perfect for offering total sun protection. These features make the hat one of the most popular De Vries and Mercedes Benz accessories.

2. Why choose a De Vries F1 team t-shirt made of polyester?

The recycled polyester in a De Vries t-shirt ensures maximum all-day comfort. This material is moisture wicking and durable, making it ideal for any sports activities you’re engaging in, like CrossFit, biking, or running. Even a high-impact athlete cannot break these shirts. Polyester also won’t shrink after multiple washes like cotton does. Polyester will last forever, so there’s no need to worry about your shirt wearing out or fading.

3. What’s the benefit of purchasing a Mercedes Benz varsity jacket made primarily of organic cotton?

An organic cotton jacket is hypoallergenic, meaning there are no chemical remnants in the piece. As a result, the jacket is safe for anyone who has sensitive skin issues. Organic cotton apparel is also sustainable, so it’s an excellent option for eco-conscious F1 fans. This material is also breathable and absorbs moisture effectively.

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