A Winner in the Making

When a winner tells their story of success, they always have one thing in common: hard work. Lance Stroll is no stranger to hard work. At the age of 18, before he even graduated high school, he was unveiled, and immediately made a name for himself on the track.

In his debut season of 2017, he jumped onto the podium in Baku as the youngest rookie to do so. He was quickly noticed by the team over at Aston Martin, and Lance Stroll’s F1 career with them finally began in 2021.

Clothing to Match the Racer

Aston Martin is an iconic brand known for luxury and speed. And like that brand, the Lance Stroll merchandise stands out as both sporty and fashionable. Contact us with any questions you have at sales@cmcmotorsports.com, or feel free to call us at (732)-530-2199. Gear up and get on the track today!

Lance Stroll