Honda Racing Repsol "30 Years" Coffee Mug - Blue

Brand: Honda Racing
SKU: TU6843-190-O/S


Indulge in the excitement of Honda Racing with our Repsol Coffee Mug! Crafted from 100% ceramic, it's a must-have for any racing enthusiast's collection.
  1. 🏁 Crafted from 100% ceramic, ensuring durability and heat retention.
  2. 🏍️ Features the iconic Repsol logo, representing the thrilling world of motorcycle racing.
  3.  Generously sized to hold your favorite brew, whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.
  4. 🚀 Perfect for your morning pit stop or as a conversation starter at the office.
  5. 🎁 A must-have collectible for any racing fan’s mug collection! 🏆