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Your Formula 1 sweatshirt has already been set aside for Thanksgiving 2023, and your favorite team’s flag is set to fly high that weekend. The thought of the big race already has your palms sweating, your heart beating, and your mind in holiday mode.

It’s Abu Dhabi F1 time.

You’re not the only one ready for the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 2023, Formula 1’s final race this season. The drivers are gearing up for the big day, ready to satisfy their and their fans’ need for speed. Who will take home the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) medal is anybody’s guess, but we have a few predictions. Let’s explore the big players in the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 2023 and who may dominate the track with flying colors when FIA officials wave the checkered flag.

Abu Dhabi F1 Time: When Is the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 2023?

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Are you wondering about this year’s Abu Dhabi F1 time and location? The Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 2023 will occur from November 24 to 26 (Friday to Sunday), with the big race taking place on Sunday at 10 a.m. EST. This competition is 2023’s 23rd race since the start of the season in early March with the famous Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Abu Dhabi race is one of a kind for several reasons. It will take place at Yas Island’s Yas Marina Circuit, a contemporary-looking venue providing exciting challenges, like tight corners, for drivers and their diehard fans. You’ll enjoy seeing drivers whip around the circuit’s 16 turns along a stretch of more than five kilometers. The numerous lights illuminating the venue add excitement to the Middle Eastern race setting. Get ready to see multiple famous individuals and dignitaries appear at the desert location for the sunset Grand Prix this year.

Who Will Race in the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 2023?

When it’s Abu Dhabi F1 time, you’ll see many big names take to the track, moving full speed ahead during the 306-kilometer race. Let’s examine the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 2023’s drivers and their legendary teams:

Standings and Projections For the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 2023

Who’ll get the medal at the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 2023? Multiple factors affect drivers’ performance, from their vehicles’ performance to weather conditions, and the lineup this Thanksgiving is strong from top to bottom, so it’s hard to say. One undeniably promising driver, though, is Max Verstappen.


Verstappen has excelled during the 2023 F1 season, earning a captivating victory during the Japanese Grand Prix on September 24, 2023. He had claimed 13 victories from 16 Formula 1 Grand Prix races as of late September 2023, helping Red Bull Racing claim their sixth driver title. Following his Japanese Grand Prix win, he had won 11 out of his previous 12 F1 races and was three victories away from shattering his one-season win record set in 2022. He’d earned 400 points, the fourth-highest number in one season.

Verstappen is no stranger to winning big when it counts. In 2021, he eclipsed Hamilton during the Abu Dhabi race’s last lap to take home the crown. The race drew a record of more than 108 million viewers. He went on to win first place at 2022’s Abu Dhabi race, too. (He also snagged the Abu Dhabi win in 2020.)

One reason why Verstappen is a formidable threat is his fearlessness. He’s willing to take risks and use innovative team strategies and speed to capitalize on all opportunities on the track. Verstappen achieved a record 1:26 lap around Yas Marina in 2021.


Hamilton is another noteworthy Abu Dhabi 2023 contender. He has more experience at this Grand Prix race after winning it five times, a record number (he claimed fifth place in 2022’s Abu Dhabi competition). His Mercedes car is also fast and reliable, and the iconic driver maintains a record of consistency and remaining cool under pressure. Don’t be surprised if he comes out on top this Thanksgiving.

Racers standing on a podium.

Other Potential Winners

Several other racers may excel at the Yas Island venue this year. Leclerc of Scuderia Ferrari has been consistent in his career, ranking number two (behind Verstappen) in Abu Dhabi’s 2022 race. He can outdrive Verstappen this year if he doesn’t make any errors.

Another driver to watch is Russell of Mercedes-AMG Petronas. He earned fifth place in 2022’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race alongside teammate Hamilton. He may do well in 2023 if he can master his pacing and ace qualifying.

Don’t overlook Perez from Red Bull Racing. He earned third place in 2022’s Abu Dhabi race, falling behind only Leclerc and teammate Verstappen.

Expect Sainz, Jr. from Scuderia Ferrari to shine in Abu Dhabi this year, too. He’s been a strong contender alongside Leclerc, finishing fourth place in 2022’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. That put him at a higher rank than Hamilton and Mercedes-AMG’s Russell, who won sixth place. Remaining speedy and consistent may help him rise to first place this Thanksgiving.

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